1.0 Workshop on Friday, January 24th & 2.0 Workshop on Friday, February 7th / 1.0 Workshop at 5-6:30 PM & 2.0 Workshop at 5-7 PM

Sunday Basket ® 1.0 Workshop:

Stop your brain from talking back to you. Bring yourself a sense of calm. Take control of your day to day life with organization. The Sunday Basket ® is a system that which helps save you time and gives your peace of mind. This workshop is the first step in learning the Sunday Basket system. It starts with paper but is so much more. It simplifies your life so you can live your best life. It opens up choices and possibilities by living proactivity, not reactively.


Sunday Basket ® 2.0 Workshop:

Continue on your organization journey with the next step and final steps for setting up your Sunday Basket system. Sunday Basket 2.0 Workshop is the continuation of Sunday Basket 1.0. It helps set up your advanced Sunday Basket system. This workshop is designed to help organize your specific ongoing needs and personalize the Sunday Basket just for you. (Prerequisite Sunday Basket 1.0–Don’t worry if you don’t have everything mastered from 1.0, you just need to have participated in the information gathering from 1.0)

What to expect? This workshop is interactive and we will start setting up your system during class. In order to get the most out of the worktime, please follow the directions below.

What to bring? Before you come, please gather up every piece of paper in your kitchen/household into a laundry basket. (All your mail, “to do’s” permissions slips, bills, receipts, sport schedules, even on the fridge items you are saving to read later).

What other Items that could be helpful? Planner/calendar, a Sunday basket container
(watermelon size box), label maker, paper clips, and basic office supplies (pens, color highlighters, sticky notes, index cards)


Taught by Michele Vinje,
Complete in Home Paper Certified Organizer, Hippa Certified
and Sunday Basket Certified Organizer

1.0 Workshop $30 includes: Exclusive Printables, and Sunday Basket ® 1.0 Slash Pockets
2.0 Workshop $50 includes: Exclusive Printables, and Sunday Basket ® 2.0 Slash Pockets


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Give us a call at (715) 298-1954 or
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