Thursday, November 8 and December 13 / 7:15 PM

Come to our monthly home-grown kirtan! We will be here every second Thursday evening at 7:15 PM. So come, open your heart, and contribute to the peace!

Joining us on Thursday, November 8: Mari and Anna Nummelin, bringing their own special positive energy and sharing chants and experiences from Corfu, Greece.

Other highlights:

  • A centering breath practice lead by Anna
  • A few minutes of gong immersion
  • Sanskrit chant invocation, asking divine fire to fill our voices.
  • An original gratitude chant by Debby
  • Om Namo Bhagavadte Vasudevaya (Honor to the divine one who dwells in all beings)
  • Lokah Samasta – May All Beings Be Happy and Free

Kirtan is:

  • Connection — People of all ages coming together to sing songs of peace and healing from ancient texts.
  • Participation — You become part of the music through call and response singing.
  • Heart-opening and mind-stilling through peaceful music and mantra.
  • Simple to learn — lyrics are provided to help you participate. Translations of the mantras are included to help deepen the experience.

Come if singing makes you feel alive!

Feel the joy of communal song.

Come if you think you can’t sing!

We are not complete without your voice.

Your Facilitators:

Jay Coldwell

RYT-200, 5 Koshas Yoga & Wellness Studio Manager

Jay is passionate about bringing kirtan opportunities to Wausau. He has always loved devotional singing, having sung in church choir and as a Catholic Church cantor for many years. Jay was exposed to kirtan a few years ago and fell in love how kirtan can open the heart and touch the deepest parts of our being.


Debby Krenz

Music teacher and composer

Debby loves the feeling of peace and joy that comes with kirtan, and is thrilled to be a founding leader of our monthly kirtan gatherings!


We hope to have special guests joining us each month, so if would would like to help lead the chants or play an instrument one month, please contact Jay at 715-298-1954 or

Ues your yoga pass!
$15 drop-in. Packages available at reduced cost.


Register through the class schedule.


Contact Jay at