Tuesday, February 18th - March 10th, 2020 / 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Attend one or both of the 4 week series or sign up for the full 8 week series at a discount!

In this series we’ll explore Kriya Yoga & 5 Koshas health models. These ‘roadmaps’ can guide us to a deeper understanding of ourselves & the world we interact & live in.

Through study of the Kriya Yoga & 5 Koshas models, you will be provided with tools to refine your personal practice and yoga techniques to re-affirm your health intentions.

In this series, you will learn and practice strategies to:

  • Sharpen your Discernment and Discipline to refine your practice, supporting your physical, vital, mental, personality and heart-space health.
  • Nurture a deeper self-study of your speech, actions & thoughts (SAT), toward yourself and others. Observe and practice strategies to shift from life in ‘cruise control’ or ‘overdrive’ to integrating habits that serve you best and support your interactions with others.
  • Support the practice of surrender, gratitude and devotion to yourself, your relationships and to the unfolding of your purpose within the mystery of life. Explore the essence of who you are and what sparks your innate sense of joy and peace.

Integrated Practice Strategies to Support You:

  • Asana – learn and adapt postures that support stretching, strengthening and ease of movement in body in preparation for meditation. Practice will consist of standing, chair and mat
  • Pranayama – breathing techniques to support vitality and stamina to implement healthy habits to support commitment to your inner work and outer application of your learning.
  • Mantra -through sound or silently, connecting to words and phrases that train the brain and open the heart for deeper learning and transformation.
  • Meditation – exploring different focus points that inspire your ability to sit quietly, embody the intention of your practice and connect to what is meaningful to you

Practice sequences, research hand-outs and audio practices will also be shared for take-home guidance.

Heather Van Dalfsen
  • Certified Yoga Therapist, International Association of Yoga Therapists
  • Practitioner of yoga for over 20 yearsheather-assist
  • Teacher of yoga for over 9 years
  • Over 2,500 hours yoga teaching experience
  • Certified Viniyoga Therapist – Studied with Gary Kraftsow and the American Viniyoga Institute, Graduating Class of 2018

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Do not hesitate to email or call me with questions as you prepare to register for the series.- Heather heather@5koshasyoga.com | 715-574-8787

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