Friday, October 27 / 7:30 - 8:30 PM

Sonic Immersion Gong Concert

by Door County-based recording artist, Hans Christian

Friday, October 27, 7:30 PM

“Sonic Immersion” is a 1-hour long concert performed live without electronics or amplification. Christian calls this type of performance “Source Music”, or as he puts it, “music that emerges from randomness into structure”.

The main gong used for this concert is a 40” Atlantis gong that weighs over 50 pounds and has an incredible dynamic range. Augmenting this magnificent instrument are a 28″ and  22” Atlantis gong, a 28” Chinese wind gong, and two Tibetan bowls. By using different types of mallets to strike, rub, and mute the gongs, a wide variety of tonal expressions can be generated.

“A gong concert is a complete immersion into sound”, says Christian. “The listener should be in a very comfortable position, either lying down or leaning back, to absorb the vibrations of the performance. This is a deep listening experience of the highest order.”

– Please arrive 30 min before the concert starts, wear comfortable clothing and bring your favorite pillows, blankets and yoga mats.

– Once the concert starts there will be no access to avoid any disturbance.

Fee is $20

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