2020 Yoga and Fitness Classes: 

Unlimited Autopay Membership. Be a Member!

For a limited time, $65 per month standard, $53.75 per month discounted.

5 Koshas and Wellness is offering a new Unlimited Autopay Membership, making it easier and less expensive to maintain regular yoga and fitness practice throughout the year.

For anyone who has purchased a class pass in 2019, the Unlimited Autopay Membership is $65 per month charged to your credit or debit card, or to your checking account, $10 off the regular price. Purchase by May 1, 2020 to lock in the $65 price for one year. Qualified employees or retirees in health care, government, education and military, and for those aged 65 and over, are eligible for the discounted price of $53.75, if purchased by May 1, 2020, also $10 off the regular discounted price. You may set this up at the front desk or purchase online at this link:

Standard: Standard Unlimited Autopay Membership

Qualified employment and age categories: Discounted Unlimited Autopay Membership

The membership includes unlimited admission to:

  • All yoga except series classes and events
  • Tai Chi
  • Kali 4 Coordination
  • Pilates Mat
  • Feldenkrais ATM
  • Drum Circle
  • Kirtan

Valuable Perks!

Unlimited Autopay Members also receive:

  • Two free guest passes per month
  • 15% discount on select events and series classes
  • Certain special events, webinars, and series classes will be included at no additional cost — watch our listings!

Check out Unlimited Autopay Membership contract details here: Autopay contract

New & Improved Introductory Offer!

We now offer 30 days unlimited yoga for just $35 to new clients at 5 Koshas Yoga. This introductory pass gives you access to all the same classes as the Unlimited Autopay Membership. Even better, if you decide to convert your introductory pass to an Unlimited Autopay Membership before your Introductory pass expires (30 days from first use), your monthly cost is $10 off the regular price for the first year. Purchase here: Intro 30 Days for $35

Limited Class Passes

  • Note: Old passes will be available for sale until Monday, January 20.
  • Share your pass with your immediate family!
  • All passes expire three months from first use, deep discounts for larger passes.
  • Will extend expired class pass one month with purchase of a new class pass.
  • Use for the same classes as the Unlimited Autopay Membership
  • New Autopay Option! Set up your 12 class pass to automatically repurchase from your credit or debit card when your pass is used up or expires. This is the lowest cost option for limited class passes. You may cancel y our autopay for the 12 class pass at any time. Purchase the 12-autopay here: 12-Class Autopay
  Standard Price Discounted Price*
# Sessions Price $ / Class Price $/Class
1 $17.00 $17.00 $17.00 $17.00
4 $54.00 $13.50 $45.90 $11.48
8 $96.00 $12.00 $81.60 $10.20
12 $120.00 $10.00 $102.00 $8.50
12-autopay $114.00 $9.50 $96.90 $8.08

* Discounted prices available for people in Healthcare, Schools, Government, Military or 65+

Chair Yoga Class Pass:

$20 for 4 sessions or $35 for 8 sessions (one session free)

or $5 per class drop-in

Pilates Reformer:

Group Classes: $20 per session or $180 for 10

Private Sessions: $60 per session or $540 for 10

Introductory private package: $120 for three private sessions

All Pilates Reformer students are required to qualify with Jeanna Hardesty before beginning group classes. Contact Jeanna at 619-300-3195

Private Session Rates (Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Nutrition):

Rates for private sessions are based on the duration of the session.

Session Charge*
30 minutes $45.00
45 minutes $65.00
60 minutes $80.00
75 minutes $95.00
90 minutes $110.00
4 – 1 hour sessions $280.00

*Prices are $10 per session higher for offsite private sessions.

Audio Package:  3 – 1 hr. sessions plus audio practice – $280


Affinity Martial Arts:

Martial Arts Little Dragons
1 Session Class Pass $20.00 $12.00
4 Session Class Pass $80.00 $48.00
10 Session Class Pass $180.00 $108.00
Unlimited 6 Week Trial $69.00
Unlimited 1 month $90.00
Unlimited 6 month $225.00
Unlimited 12 month $450.00

20% discount available for military & first responders


Special Events, Enrollment Series, Webinars and Mini-Retreats:

Priced as advertised. Certain events or series may be discounted or free to Unlimited Autopay Members. See listings.

Cancellation with prior notice credited to future services within the next 4 months


Swedish Massage available onsite:

See Wellness Services at www.5KoshasYoga.com



(All prices include Sales Tax)

T-shirt: High quality 5 Koshas logo’d shirt Men’s and Women’s styles                   $25

Yoga Mat:         High quality 1/4” thick latex-free, extra-long                              $20

Yoga Blanket:    Soft and durable, acrylic, polyester and cotton blend                $20-$30

Yoga Bolster:    Rectangular, firm padding with soft cotton cover                         $60

Yoga Block:      Lightweight, soft and durable                                                     $15

Yoga Strap:       6-foot cotton with D-ring buckle                                                $10

DVD:                Viniyoga practices for low back, shoulders, anxiety and mood      $20

Yoga Jellies:      High quality gel pad for wrist and knee                                      $55

Semi-Private Instruction, Class or Yoga Therapy:

Small Groups – Services offered for couples or small groups of friends or parent/child

Fee for Small Groups:

Semi-privates are charged at the following individual private rate plus $15/extra person/hour

$40 for 30 minutes
$60 for 45 minutes
$75 for 60 minutes
$90 for 75 minutes
$105 for 90 minutes
4 – 1 hr. sessions – $250

Special Events:

5 Koshas Yoga & Wellness invites you to book one or more of our studios for special events.  We are happy to talk with you about your interests and goals for the event and find a teacher who can meet your needs.

Yoga class at the studio, we find the teacher – $130/hour for more than 3 students.

Pricing may apply for larger or longer events.  We also rent studio space for special events.  LEARN MORE