How do you fuel yourself?

  • Working-out
  • Outdoor activities
  • Food
  • Family and friends
  • Music
  • Quiet…?

Recently a student stated, “Remind me what the 5 Koshas represent.”

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Did you grow up in a family where there was little time for boredom or do you remember days of announcing to anyone that would listen, ‘I’m bored!’

As an adult trying to stay physically active and mentally sharp, boredom can be a challenge.

Muscles get bored with repetitive activity while the multi-tasking mind needs a respite from over-stimulation.

When the body and mind call out for something to spark curiosity and ignite creativity, your yoga is listening.

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Light, Joy and a whole lot of Contentment

It’s almost that time again.

The snow that filled the amphitheater atop Rib Mountain has been soaked back into the earth or evaporated into the sky.

This corner of the world that peers over Wausau offering quiet respite, a vast view and one of the best ‘seats in the house’ is ready and waiting for us to roll out our mats and set ourselves free with yoga.

Yoga on top of a mountain during the heart of summer will make you healthy and happy.

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My next purchase will be a telescope.  Until then, when the evening sky is clear, a few times a week you can find me standing in my yard, activating my Star Chart application and lifting my iPhone to the sky. I can now observe the intricate web of relationships between the stars, planets and galaxies, seeing views of the cosmos above and below the line of the horizon.  This performance is in real time and yes, it is all viewed from my 2×4 iPhone – the modern-day-mini-version of the telescope.

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Why Yoga?

I recently presented to a small group of individuals who were curious about yoga.  Many in the group had heard about yoga, had watched yoga DVD’s, or had friends or relatives interested in yoga.

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