Wednesday, February 3, 10, 17, 24, March 3 & 10 / 10:00 - 10:40 AM

What exactly is em.bodi.ment?

em.bodi.ment is a movement experience created by Pamela Luedtke that interconnects integrated movement and reflective repatterning concepts that directly connects specific movements for mind-body connection that enhance our physical focus.

What is reflective repatterning?

Reflective Repatterning is a powerful technique that neutralizes our negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This technique gives us more flexibility in how we think, feel, and behave. It’s reflective because it requires that we take a good look at ourselves and reflect on who we are and how we behave. It’s repatterning because of its remarkable ability to repattern our thoughts and behaviors.

What are integrated movements? 

Flowing through movements that naturally take you through all three anatomical (body) planes to access a full range of motion in three dimensions: laterality, centering, and focus. For example: moving your right arm and right leg activates your left hemisphere of the brain and then when moving opposite arm and leg activates both hemispheres of the brain. Moving between the same side to opposite cross-lateral is extremely beneficial for mind-body connectivity.

What does an Em.Bodi.Ment class feel like in your mind and body?

em.bodi.ment is a great way to refresh your body and relax tension in your breath, eyes, and whole body. Begin your day by reconnecting to your body and internal dialog through positive affirmations and integrated movement.

What to expect in a class from start to finish and week by week?

Each week will focus on a new affirmation and integrated movement to support overall well-being.
Week 1: Introductory Class

Week 2-6: The remaining 5 weeks of class will follow either the Shen (Creation) or Ko (Control) direction of the Five Element Theory used in Touch for Health Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood – Each element has an emotional affirmation that will be used throughout the duration of the class. Each element reflects specific meridians and a sequence of movements support visceral and structural balance. By the end of the class participants will notice a significant change in one’s stress physically or emotionally.

What do you need for class?

A water bottle, wear comfortable clothing, a yoga mat, and a blanket.

Pamela Luedtke

Price: $49 for the 6-week series. Included with Unlimited Memberships. 


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