Thursday, September 28th - October 19th 7-8 PM

Introduction to Meditation 4-Part Series | Hybrid + Video Access until October 26th

How would your life transform if you could tap into inner peace, mindfulness, & a deeper sense of self through meditation?

Hi, My name is Amanda Greene. I embarked on my meditation journey five years ago, knowing little about the practice. Since then, I’ve experienced several moments that have ignited my passion for teaching this transformative art and led me exactly here, where I am today.

I’ve experienced an inner transformation, gaining insight into a much deeper knowledge of myself and continue to become more “Me” than ever before.

Currently, I’m on the path to becoming a certified meditation instructor, with graduation just around the corner in October, 2023. Through my own experiences and ongoing training, I’m dedicated to sharing the profound benefits of meditation with others.

Join Amanda on this enlightening journey towards inner peace & self-discovery as you explore the beautiful practice of meditation together.

Thursday, September 28th –  40 minutes
Part 1: THE JOURNEY BEGINS: Introduction to Meditation

Discussion: 15 minutes
● Why do people meditate and what are the benefits from practicing meditation?
● Meditation is not just about clearing your mind.
Meditation: 15 minutes
● Breathing
● Learning to settle within yourself
● Getting a sense of listening to your body

Thursday, October 5th –  45 minutes
Part 2: AWAKENING PRESENCE: Understanding the Four Noble Truths

Discussion: 15 minutes
● Exploring the importance of mindfulness and being present in daily life and practical techniques
● 4 Noble Truths from Buddhist philosophy (How these truths relate to suffering, it’s causes, and the path to liberation)
Meditation – 20 minutes
● Focusing on now and reflecting on the Four Noble Truths within ourselves.
Q&A/Closing: 5 minutes

Thursday, October 12th -50 minutes
 Part 3: HARMONY WITHIN: Exploring the Mind-Body Connection

Discussion: 15 minutes
*Recap of previous 2 classes
● Mind/ body connection & the role meditation takes to balance this
● The subconscious mind
Meditation:25 minutes
● Scanning the body
● How to listen to the body/ Mindfulness of what our body is trying to tell us
Q&A/Closing: 5 minutes

Thursday, October 19th – 1 hour

Discussion: 20 minutes
● Learn how to differentiate the ego from Self
● The different parts of yourself and how meditation can help transcend ego-driven thoughts
Meditation: 25-30 minutes
● Learning how to meet “parts” of yourself
Q&A/Closing: 5 minutes

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