Welcome to 5 Koshas Yoga & Wellness Punchpass Studio!

Thank you for your commitment to 5 Koshas, especially over the past year as we transitioned to online and hybrid offerings. Offering you ease and support with these class options continues to be a priority for us. 

We have converted to Punchpass on Sunday, September 6, a new software tool for you to browse, register, and pay for classes. It replaces and improves upon our prior MindBody software, and is integrated with the 5 Koshas website, much as Mindbody was before. Your Punchpass account has been set up using the same email address as your prior Mindbody account. We have endeavored to convert all active class passes and prior reservations. Please let us know if we have missed anything!

Punchpass will bring several benefits to you:

  • Easy, clear class registration 
  • Easy, reliable Zoom integration 
  • Integrated video-on-demand which allows for easy viewing of recorded classes

Registering and attending online classes will be even more convenient with Punchpass:

  • You can use a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to register and pay for classes through Punchpass
  • You will receive a Zoom link email when you register for a class (a new link each week)
  • You will receive a reminder email to your inbox with a link shortly before class starts. Watch for the email! Please check your spam and promotional folders as well 
  • When you log in to Punchpass, your personal account information will be available to you, including a Zoom link on your home page, for each class you have registered for. So if you don’t want to look for emails, you can just sign into your 5 Koshas Punchpass account

Here are your next steps with Punchpass: 

  1. Watch for a video below that will walk you through how to use Punchpass
  2. Set your password by entering your email address here and following prompts
  3. Punchpass will prompt you to electronically sign our new liability waiver, which includes provisions for COVID-19 and Online classes. A PDF of your waiver will be emailed to you and kept with your member file, reducing the need for paper handling at a time when so much is done at a distance.
  4. Browse around the Punchpass site, getting familiar with the class schedule and class pass menu
  5. Verify and complete your personal info, your class pass information and any reservations you may have made previously
  6. If you have an autopay membership, enter your credit card information in Punchpass, as it did not transfer from Mindbody. Autopay members have a transition pass for the month of September, and will receive a separate communication.
  7. Sign up for a new class!
  8. And a reminder — reboot your computer, phone or tablet device every few days, at least, to help have a good experience with Zoom. Zoom takes a lot of resources for your device and restarting helps it stay organized and powerful.

In early tests with Punchpass, here’s some feedback:

“Just did Punchpass. Super easy, user friendly and took two minutes. I signed in using the google option, registered for class and received that confirmation email immediately! Pretty slick!”

At this time we also have some changes in our class pass structure:

Many 5K customers have asked how they can support our operations as we navigate these challenging times together.

  • We’re providing you with an opportunity to contribute by providing sliding scale pricing for some class passes. Purchasing at the higher price helps us operate the dual studios – online and in-person.  Everyone is free to choose the lowest price posted — but if you want to make a larger contribution, choose any dollar amount on the price menu.

Always affordable options for you:

  • Part of our mission is to make our services accessible to our community, so we have kept prices as low as possible. The lower end of our price range is about the same as our previous discounted prices — so those prices are now available to everyone
  • The unlimited yoga membership will be offered as month-to-month only, for $59 per month. This includes our regular yoga classes, Tai Chi and Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement. 
  • The Premium unlimited membership includes a library of on-demand video classes by 5 Koshas teachers in addition to unlimited yoga live classes. The Premium membership is $79 per month and content will expand and evolve over time to include a variety of practice options.
  • To keep our offerings as simple as possible you can purchase a 4-class or 8-class yoga pass
  • For chair yoga, you can purchase a single session and an 8-session pass.

If you have any questions please send us a note at office@5koshasyoga.com

Get familiar with the new Punchpass software, watch 3 Short Video Tutorials on The How To’s Of Punch Pass Below!
(to enlarge the video to full-screen click on the icon located in the lower right-hand corner)

Video #1: How To Sign-In To Your Punch Pass Account


Video #2: How To Sign Up For A Class, Series, or Event  

Video #3: How To Purchase A Class Pass or Membership


Video #4: How To Find Class, Workshop, Event Reservations

Video #5: How To Cancel Class, Workshop, Event Reservations

Video #6: How To Find Active Class Pass

Does Punchpass Have an App?
Punchpass is designed to work great on your mobile device. No “app” purchase needed! You can easily install one-touch access to Punchpass on an iPhone, iPad or Android. Add one-touch access to your web app to quickly log into Punchpass from any phone, tablet, or computer.

How to add the icon to your phone:
1) Open the browser on your phone and go to https://5koshasyoga.punchpass.com/
2) Log into your account.
3) Click on the Punchpass logo just to make sure you are on the main homepage when logged in.
4) On iPhones/iPads click the box with the arrow at the bottom of the screen.

On Android phones click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
5) Choose ‘Add To Home Screen’

That’s it! Now you can click the Punchpass Icon on your phone anytime to see your schedule, make a reservation, or buy a pass.

Questions? Need additional assistance?
Contact the 5 Koshas Team, send us an email at office@5koshasyoga.com or Give us a call at (715) 298-1954
We are here to support, encourage, & guide you in any way that we can. We look forward to hearing from you!


Register for classes, class series, or events here 


Email office@5koshasyoga.com or Call (715) 298-1954