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Email Flora at: beyondblessedvst@gmail.com 

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“While on a path of self healing, I discovered the amazing feeling of Vibrational Sound Therapy and knew right away that this was in my future to discover and share how impactful Sound Therapy is on our bodies. I feel the most authentic when I am able to offer the sounds and vibrations to others.”


Through the practice of Laughter Yoga, you will find joy and the freedom to express yourself in your everyday life. Using humor as a buffer to relieve stress in important to alleviate many health issues. Playful activities stimulate your imagination and help release negative emotions.


Certified and licensed Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) practitioner, licensed massage therapist and level 2 Reiki practitioner.

How I Came to Vibrational Sound Therapy:

An enthusiast of all things healing, centering and grounding, Flora sought sound therapy for herself and discovered it to be an effective and
transformative experience. Vibrational Sound Therapy has many benefits, including inducing deep relaxation, reducing stress, relieving muscle tension, calming the mind, as well as boosting creativity and increasing focus and mental clarity. Flora is grateful that she can offer this beautiful experience to others through her Sound Journeys at 5 Koshas.

Education & Work History:

  • Certified and licensed Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) practitioner, licensed massage therapist and level 2 Reiki practitioner.
  • A UP native, Flora has spent her adult life in Wisconsin and received her massage therapy training from Blue Sky Massage Therapy in Green Bay, WI.
  • Additionally, she is a certified and licensed Vibrational Sound Therapy practitioner trained from The Vibrational Sound Association. Vibrational Sound Therapy is a method of professionally using singing bowls and other instruments for therapy and relaxation.


  • Vibrational Sound Therapy group events
  • Vibrational Sound Therapy individual sessions
  • Using guided meditation, Himalayan and crystal bowls, chimes and gongs,
  • Flora offers group Vibrational Sound Journeys at 5 Koshas Yoga Wellness. She views the 60 minute sound journeys as a way for participants to enter deep states of relaxation in a comfortable, relaxing environment. VST is a wonderful option for those who are touch-sensitive since it offers many of the same benefits as massage therapy.

What they say...

“Flora, you are an incredible being! And you have impacted my life in ways that I haven’t even discovered yet, but am enjoying every minute of the unfolding of it all! Since my first session I’ve received new inspiration and content for my book and unexplainable life revelations! I am experiencing a whole new level of clarity of life! Thank you”


“Flora is a beautiful soul and her work is much needed by all. Everyone benefits from sound therapy. Every cell in the body is effected. I’ve had vibrational therapy performed directly on my body before, but Flora’s group meditation was a first. It was very therapeutic and the guided meditation was lovely (and I usually don’t enjoy meditation!) I’ll definitely be attending more sessions!”


“I highly suggest trying out the vibrational sound bowls! They are so relaxing and you really feel a difference in your body afterwards I had less tension, less back pain, and my back felt amazing. I also highly recommend Flora’s massages too! She is so educated on the human body and she really takes a holistic approach to ensuring your body is happy and healthy!”