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“Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise that combines fluid movement with a calm and alert mental state. Practicing Tai Chi can helps us enjoy life on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.”


Tai Chi Fundamentals is designed  to introduce the student to the experience of Chi Gong and Tai Chi. The course is based on the Tai Chi Fundamentals Form developed by  Tai Chi Instructors in Madison.  This course will cover Chi Gong exercises, basic Tai Chi Movements and the entire Tai Chi form. There will be an emphasis on learning the form and on experiencing the joy of calm fluid movement combined with simple breath awareness.  img_2233-copy

In my class I intend to give students the opportunity to experience Tai Chi and incorporate it into their lives on the level that fits them. I want to show them how Tai Chi can add energy, enjoyment and peace to their lives.

Foundations classes are a gentle progressive series that explore the fundamentals of Tai Chi and Chi Gong movements, simple breath awareness, relaxation, and concentration.  These classes will explore basic Chi Gong and Tai Chi Movements and will help students experience and learn the Tai Chi  Form. The classes are designed to both help you learn Tai Chi movements patterns  and provide a meditative environment using breath awareness and calm fluid movement.   These class series are applicable for beginners and are especially well-suited to maturing adults who are interested in maintaining strength, stamina and flexibility plus improving improving balance  in classes with a strong focus on protecting joints.


Lee has been studying and teaching Tai Chi for 4 years. He studied through the Tai Chi Institute in Madison where they teach a style of Tai Chi called “Tai Chi Fundamentals”. This form is designed to be easier to learn than other styles while retaining the essentials characteristics of the earlier styles.

Lee enjoys yoga and many other forms of exercise in addition to Tai Chi.  He likes to travel and especially enjoys long distance hiking.

Relevant Work History

Teacher of Tai Chi class at the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Marathon County for the last 4 years

Soccer coach

Instructor at the YMCA

Adjunct Math Teacher – North Central Technical College


Tai Chi classes – Thurs 10:30 am through 2016, Changing to Mondays 4:00 pm in 2017.

Availability for private instruction, a group class at your home or place of business or a group presentation.