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“Each client is unique and presents with a new puzzle, and I enjoy trying to put the pieces together to make them feel whole.”

I’m Jenna Scholz and I offer Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping Therapy, Reflexology, Relaxation Massage, and Sports Massage at 5 Koshas. 

Before studying massage therapy, I studied nursing and worked in an assisted living facility for several years. That experience helped me learn so much about special populations and the immense power touch and human interaction can have on our well being. I discovered my passion for helping and comforting others and this drives my work as a massage therapist today. 


I provide a comforting and tailored experience. Everyone presents with unique problem areas and personalities. Matching a session and technique to your needs is extremely important to me. I adapt most of my sessions to target specific areas of pain. I use therapeutic techniques to address scar tissue, trigger points, and tension. 

Therapeutic touch can have a profound impact on physical and mental well being. I’ve witnessed my  clients go through amazing transformations. It’s rewarding to see wellness in action, knowing I provided someone with a little bit of peace, comfort and hope, helping them overcome pain and truly feel better. The stories of endurance, compassion, and hope always inspire me to keep working hard and to always be grateful.

Favorite Treatment

Cupping Therapy — It has transformed my practice, and I’m super excited to offer it to my clients. It gives me the ability to release tension by lifting tissues, while creating a circulatory and lymphatic flushing effect. I can achieve more in a cupping session by working an area while my cups are releasing another. 


  • Associate’s Degree in Applied Sciences, Massage Therapy
  • Licensed Massage Therapist State License #13879-146 
  • Certified Cupping Therapist with the International Cupping Therapy Association

(State License #13879-146)

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What they say...

“My massage experience with Jenna Scholz has been absolutely wonderful. Not only does she have a magical touch, but she has a knack for knowing what needs attention. My only fear is that she will eventually be booked up”
-Gerri Q. 11/19/2020

“Jenna is beyond incredible. As someone who deals with chronic pain and illness, cupping and the massage work by Jenna has proven to be very helpful!” Emily R