Asahi: A Simple and Healthy Idea to Get and Keep Moving

By: Sherry Oakes, RYT-200 & Certified Asahi Teacher 

Asahi—“A Simple and Healthy Idea”—is a health exercise that originated from Finland. Sherry Oakes is a B level teacher, certified to teach all 3 series of Asahi. Here, she shares more about Asahi, the benefits and how to get started. 

When I saw that 5 Koshas was offering training on Asahi, I immediately looked it up. I am a very curious person, and as I approach an age where I am hoping to retire in the coming years, I want to find ways to stay healthy and provide that for my friends, family, and community. There are a lot of people who are intimidated by or unable to do many forms of physical fitness, whether it is the cost, anxiety, or inability to get to a place. Asahi is an easy option that can be learned and done anywhere. 

Asahi is made up of movements that warm the body while working on the upper body, lower body, and balance. It combines slow and steady movements with all body parts working through the entire chain of joints.

Asahi is made up of 3 Series. Each one builds in a few similar but different moves, and each series can take from 7-10 minutes alone to do. 

Each series contains 4 modules—relaxation, upper body, lower body, and balance—and each module contains 3 moves each. There is a breathing pause in between each module, along with a beginning and ending breath for each series. A quick Series 1 to break up a long day at work or a long drive, for example, is so helpful for the body. 

Access to a beginner friendly 19 minute Asahi movement series, view here   If you don’t have a Punch Pass account with 5 Koshas, you can get access by setting up a free account.


Asahi is for all ages and fitness levels. It is simple, efficient and adaptable to everyone. Typically done in a standing position, Asahi can also be done sitting or lying down. It is good for those who have never exercised before, athletes needing to warm up or recover from a workout, and seniors looking to maintain their independence with balance and mobility. It is also good for those recovering from illness or injury.  Asahi can help during a work day to take a break from some of the positions we are stuck in all day with computers, sitting, standing, or awkward positions. It is safe during pregnancy and good for children to improve concentration.

Asahi is also safe for people with health issues:

  • Joint replacements, osteoarthritis, arthritis
  • Neck, shoulder, and back problems
  • Respiratory ailments 
  • Heart, circulatory problems
  • Problems with balance
  • Weight issues
  • Performance anxiety / Depression
  • Fibromyalgia / Parkinson’s / Alzheimer’s

For students interested in trying Asahi for the first time, it does not require anything but you, and this is what makes it so versatile. If you have any issues that may require doing this seated, you would just need a chair or a sturdy place to sit.

Asahi is held at 5 Koshas and you can sign up online. It is a hybrid class which offers in person, online live, or a video available for 5 days starting the day after the class is held. 

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