You + Yoga = Strength, Balance, Flexibility, Conditioning

The physical practice of yoga can keep you fit and strong in body and mind.   Yoga can also help you develop respiratory fitness, which is helpful for athletes or anyone who wants to maintain good health.

Strengthen and release chronically contracted muscles with movement in and out of yoga postures.

Strengthen targeted areas like your core – abdominals, back, hips, legs or upper body by staying for several breaths in more challenging postures.

Walk life’s tightrope with amazing balance cultivated through standing and leg balance postures.

Focus attention on what’s happening in your own physical universe to inform your actions.

What We Offer

Our yoga strength, balance, fitness and workout class options strengthen your core,  back, legs, hips and upper body, so that you feel stretched and relaxed, allowing your muscles to recover and work more efficiently.

During your yoga ‘workout,’ you will also ‘work-in’ with breath guided movements that improve respiratory fitness and focus your mind.