You + Yoga = Stress Relief  

Let’s face it.  A life without any stress is probably not a very interesting life.  We need to either learn how to deal effectively with stressors or it will have a negative impact on our body, brain and relationships.

You can change your body, breath, mood, and reactions to life’s inevitable stresses.  Yoga is an ancient science and philosophy yet one of the most practical and modern ways to manage stress.

Ease muscle tightness and tension in your stress spots with breath-infused movement in and out of yoga postures.  Stay for several breaths in postures that release deeply held tension and calm the mind.

Calm your nervous system and busy mind with a physical practice combined with specific breath techniques and simple seated breathing practices.

Change your reaction to stress and your attitude toward everyday stressors by training   awareness with a breath-centered practice, meditative techniques and the all-important practice of paying attention to your actions and words.

Guided or quiet relaxation is what most students love about the end of a yoga practice.  It’s your opportunity for a few minutes of “you” time that has incredibly powerful health benefits.

What We Offer

Our stress relief classes are specifically designed to bring the most important yoga tools to the task of relieving your body’s stress reaction and helping you learn everyday strategies to manage stress.

We want to help you calm down, improve your mood, sleep better, stabilize your energy and go about your day with a healthy perspective.