Portrait of meditating partners sitting on desks with their legs crossed in office

Yoga and other mind-body practices offer unique benefits to employees, including accessible movement for all bodies.  Some common benefits of yoga include:

  • Better balance
  • Focus and energy
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Relief from tension and pain.

Research on the impact of yoga for specific conditions continues to expand.   Several key studies have demonstrated that specialized and targeted Viniyoga™ interventions can impact low back pain, pain, stress, sleep, depression, and respiratory function; all health concerns that impact employee populations.

Our corporate yoga programs are:

  • Individualized for the employee 
  • Appropriate for corporate culture
  • Developed with your outcomes in mind
  • Taught by experienced yoga teachers or Yoga Therapists
  • Adapted to the methods of delivery that work best for your company with options for in-person, online live, or video on demand

The majority of teachers in our studio are trained in Viniyoga™, a lineage of yoga known for the breath-centered physical practice, safe sequencing, adaptation and individualization of the practice for the individual.

5 Koshas offers a variety of general yoga wellness classes to keep your employees healthy and Therapeutic Yoga classes for common issues seen in employee populations such as low back pain, hip and knee issues, upper back neck and shoulder issues, chronic stress, anxiety, and sleep issues.  We also offer a specialized program using yoga for habit change, including changing habits around diet, exercise, sleep, money management, use of electronics and other habits that impact health.

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  • Video on Demand Programs specific to your employee’s needs
  • On-site, Hybrid & Zoom Options For Individual Class or Class Series
  • On-Site, Hybrid & Zoom Options For Corporate Special Events
  • Special Events – In-Studio, Hybrid & Zoom Options
  • Webinars or Online Classes

Please send inquiries for corporate yoga programs to office@5koshasyoga.com.  We will get back to you within a day to begin the conversation about your needs and interests.  We are here to customize your experience.

Video on Demand Yoga Programs

Video-on-demand yoga programs have become more popular due to the convenience of being able to practice at a time that works for an employee’s busy schedule.

We offer a monthly subscription to a video-on-demand library of 100+ yoga practices for $14.99 per person.  If you have a large number of employees interested, please contact us about discount pricing. The library contains a variety of yoga classes including: gentle, beginner, therapeutic, stress reduction, meditation, strength-focused, flow and alignment.

If your employees are interested in specific topics, we can tailor a program to their needs.  We also offer a variety of ready-to-go programs.  Contact us for discount pricing here: office@5koshasyoga.com.  Learn more about ready-to-do programs here:  https://www.5koshasyoga.com/yoga/video-on-demand/

Topic/Class Series/Special Event Ideas

Yoga for Desk Dwellers

Yoga for Stress Reduction

Yoga for Better Sleep

Yoga for Anxiety and Stressful Times

Beginning Meditation for Stress Reduction & Health

Yoga for Winter Seasonal Changes

Yoga Habit Change Strategies

The Power of Intention for Reaching Your Potential

Therapeutic Yoga for Low Back, Hips and Knees

Therapeutic Yoga for Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders

Yoga for Energy, Focus & Concentration

Yoga for Better Balance

Yoga for Fitness

Vinyasa Flow

Yoga for Core Strength

Testimonials from Corporate Yoga Programs

Yoga for Stress Reduction for Frontline Workers

“I got so much positive feed back from our session. The people that joined us from Web-ex emailed me within in 30 minutes of class ending – asking for more sessions. One of my coworkers who is 72 yrs old emailed me and was very grateful cause a kink in her neck was gone after yoga. Every age group enjoyed the class. Thank you for providing modifications.  It was nice it was tailored to what we do.

All the tips and tricks provided, when in the office I hear my coworkers talk about how to adapt and setting a timer. Self care is so important.” S.O.

Traumatic Stress Program

“Thank you again for all your assistance with the yoga and breathing techniques that have vastly improved my quality of life.” A.S.

“Mary was so even tempered, informative and obviously a master of her craft. I felt no pressure or shame during the process, and I feel this allowed me to benefit from yoga. I will continue to apply the techniques I learned from Mary daily.” M.C.

Yoga for Better Sleep

“What a novel idea, a webinar on sleep yoga in your own home in the evening! This wasn’t a ‘read me to sleep’ class. It had great content and was well organized with explanations and effective tools and strategies to improve your sleep. Everyone could benefit from this course.”

Yoga for Anxiety and Stressful Times

“The course was especially helpful in providing easy breathing applications that REALLY WORK in moments of increased anxiety.” D. B.

” Thank for the class – I found it to be very grounding and comforting.” A.K.