Yoga has many benefits for mom and baby. It’s a body-mind practice that promotes wellness in the 5 Koshas (layers of being): Body, Vital (Physiology), Mind, Character, and Heart.

The Mayo Clinic has looked at research studies on yoga for pregnancy. They list some of the benefits of yoga for pregnancy as:

  • Better sleep
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • An increase in the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth
  • Less shortness of breath and nausea
  • Less back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and headaches (all common during pregnancy)
  • Decreased risk of preterm labor and pregnancy-induced high blood pressure.

Wow, that’s a long list of really positive benefits!

Our prenatal yoga classes are specially designed for beginners and experienced practitioners. We avoid contraindicated positions, temper how physically hard you work, keep the room temperature in a safe zone (not hot!), help you get what you need to be as comfortable as possible through your pregnancy, and get ready for the delivery.

Prenatal classes are often a celebration of the journey of birth. You’ll typically find the support a circle of women who share the experience, an hour of “Me” time, and an inoculation of stress relief.

If you participate in yoga during pregnancy, it’s really important to let your Yoga Teacher or Yoga Therapist know if anything has changed for you from class to class. Any change in blood pressure, breath capacity, pain, swelling, or spotting/bleeding is important to report so that modifications can be made to keep you and your baby safe.

“I delivered my baby without any assistance with pain relief, and found myself resorting to the humming chant we’d do in class to get me through those tough contractions. The chanting works!” – L

“One of my favorite parts has been being able to talk to other women experiencing the same things”  Allison D.

“Great class and Renee is great at teaching and making sure you’re comfortable and doing what you should be for your circumstances.”  Alexis Y.

“Would highly recommend this class!” April S.

Prenatal Yoga at 5 Koshas Yoga & Wellness

Tuesdays at 5:30 PM – Register using the Class Schedule

All Levels

Special Pricing for Class Passes for Prenatal, Postnatal & Little Yogis & Me Classes

Renee Peterson, MSW, RYT-200, Certified Viniyoga Wellness Instructor, Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Cultivate stability in mind, body and spirit through yoga as you prepare for the new baby. Engage in self-care that helps you feel your best and prepares you for labor and delivery. Address common pregnancy concerns like low back, sacrum and hip instability and pain, upper back, neck and shoulder tension, digestive issues, sleep and fatigue. Be among women who share this journey for your hour of “mom” time. This class includes breath-centered yoga postures adapted for all stages of pregnancy, various breath techniques to use during labor and delivery, reflections, affirmations and guided relaxation to release stress and to restore your mind and body. Beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome.

Email Renee at or call her at 715.212.9749 with any questions.

Private or Semi-Private Prenatal Yoga Instruction

Interested in arranging private instruction for prenatal or postnatal yoga?  Contact Renee at or 715.212.9749.   Renee does private instruction tailored to your interests, needs and schedule at 5 Kosha Yoga & Wellness.

Fee:  $60 per hour

Renee Peterson, MSW, RYT-200, Certified Viniyoga Wellness Instructor, Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher

“Prenatal yoga is a unique opportunity for pregnant women to safely stretch and strengthen their bodies and to prepare physically and emotionally for labor and delivery. Teaching and guiding pregnant women through breath practices, breath-centered movement and relaxation, pregnant women become more mindful and aware of how to better care for themselves and their baby.” – Renee

Renee is a mother, social worker, a certified 200 hour Viniyoga Wellness Instructor and a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher.  Her goal is to encourage, guide and inspire you to experience the physical and emotional benefits of yoga.  She encourages you to take time for yourself to find your inner calm, prepare your body and mind for labor and delivery, minimize stress, and deepen your connection to your baby.

Renee completed the 200 hr Viniyoga Wellness Instructor Training (River Flow Yoga Teacher Training School in collaboration with the American Viniyoga Institute) in 2015, the Yoga Bonding Postnatal & Mom and Baby Yoga Teacher Training Course in 2016 and the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with the Yoga Center of Minneapolis and Jennifer Colletti in 2017.  She is a faculty assistant in the River Flow Yoga Teacher Training at 5 Koshas Yoga & Wellness.