Light, Joy and a whole lot of Contentment

It’s almost that time again.

The snow that filled the amphitheater atop Rib Mountain has been soaked back into the earth or evaporated into the sky.

This corner of the world that peers over Wausau offering quiet respite, a vast view and one of the best ‘seats in the house’ is ready and waiting for us to roll out our mats and set ourselves free with yoga.

Yoga on top of a mountain during the heart of summer will make you healthy and happy. Three easy reasons why:


You can never get enough light.  With the sun stronger and the days longer, you will receive a healthy infusion of vitamin D. In addition, you may catch yourself watching the slant of the light across the leaves of the trees; or when it peeks out from the clouds then pools along the edges of your mat as you move and breathe through your practice.

Yes, it’s that pastoral and peaceful. (And if you miss a downward facing dog because you are so enamored with the light – no problem.)


With no walls, you will shift away from the stressful grind of the day towards a more spacious perspective. Your body will move freely, your breath will be filled with fresh oxygen and your mind will clear out the static.

Add in the birds soaring overhead and the sound of the wind and you’ll experience your yoga practice with freedom, a light heart and a few laughs.

Exhale a sigh of relief.


Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras 2:42 –“From an attitude of contentment, unexcelled happiness, mental comfort, joy and satisfaction is obtained.”

I distinctly remember after one of the first outdoor classes, the students slowly moved out of relaxation as a light breeze cooled the space and the birds added song to the quiet.  Sitting up, facing out into the distance, the students closed their eyes and continued to breathe.

As we sat in a space of Light and Joy, breathing with the rocks and trees, from earth to sky, the ease of Contentment was palpable.

You’re invited.  See you atop the mountain.



Heather Van Dalfsen, M.Ed, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT is a Certified Viniyoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist with a Masters in Education. Heather offers group classes, family classes, corporate yoga, Yoga Atop Rib Mountain, individual instruction and individualized Yoga Therapy. With a touch of humor and creativity, Heather invites you to reconnect to what is important to you for continued health within your body, breath, mind, character and heart at 5 Koshas Yoga & Wellness in Wausau, WI.