My next purchase will be a telescope.  Until then, when the evening sky is clear, a few times a week you can find me standing in my yard, activating my Star Chart application and lifting my iPhone to the sky. I can now observe the intricate web of relationships between the stars, planets and galaxies, seeing views of the cosmos above and below the line of the horizon.  This performance is in real time and yes, it is all viewed from my 2×4 iPhone – the modern-day-mini-version of the telescope.

Ironically, the same phone I use to create shock and awe in family and friends regarding the grandeur of the galaxies, keeps me connected to these same individuals that orbit my world.  The challenge is creating space that cultivates  authentic interactions or interconnectedness without the assistance of modern technology.   How do we even do that anymore, especially with all the upgrades, gadgets and shortcuts available to us?!

The universe welcomes constant movement, expansion and change.  It inevitably nurtures ebb and flow with few limitations.  This fact asks the on-going question:  are you aware of your role in this rhythmic production of transformation?

Where have you created space to allow yourself to move, expand and evolve?  Our ‘outer space’ – home, work, cottage, school, iPhones, have a direct effect on the health of our ‘inner space.’  The team effort of outer and inner space affects our relationships, growth, balance and perspectives.

Creating space for yourself to practice yoga, allows your body, mind and breath to work synergistically, giving them the opportunity to provide you with dedicated and powerful tools to live your life, shifting you on your axis from stress and chaos to balance and order.  Gary Kraftsow, Viniyoga scholar, states, your yoga practice, “…is a means of deepening your self-awareness and self awareness is the key to any process of self transformation.”

There will be days when you are deeply aware that you are stretching, expanding and changing.  Some days you may feel as if your yoga practice is as distant as the cosmos doing nothing to propel you towards transformation.  Then ‘under the horizon,’ quiet moments of deep interconnectedness and peace will be revealed to you.

Mary and I are excited to offer you space that supports your personal upgrades, your opportunities to listen, feel and trust your inner space.   Meet yourself where you are at with a mini workshop, a therapeutic healthy back class; allow nature to remind you of our interconnectedness as you breathe and move atop Rib Mt or generate some energy at a sunrise class in the heart of downtown.

Create real-time transformations with the power of your yoga.

With Gratitude,


Heather Van Dalfsen, M.Ed, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT is a Certified Viniyoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist with a Masters in Education. Heather offers group classes, family classes, corporate yoga, Yoga Atop Rib Mountain, individual instruction and individualized Yoga Therapy. With a touch of humor and creativity, Heather invites you to reconnect to what is important to you for continued health within your body, breath, mind, character and heart at 5 Koshas Yoga & Wellness in Wausau, WI.