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“Movement is best described by the word elan-

elan – enthusiastic and assured vigor and liveliness; sprightliness, liveliness, spirit, life – animation and energy in action or expression.

As a self-titled enthusiast of movement with years of professional dance experience, my curiosity to create a sequential process that fosters mindfulness to be present in every action, posture, or physical activity I experience; drives this question of how does one embody each motion in the state of elan?”

“This quest to find or understand how to move within this desired state of elan, brought me to the study of Brain Gym ® and Touch for Health ® in 2001. As a certified instructor of Brain Gym® for 5 years, I discovered the empowerment of how to take ownership of my intentions through Noticing. Noticing is a process of observation through the senses of integrated and un-integrated-balance or in balances of your anatomical structure, hypertension/hypotension of the muscle systems, diaphragmic breathing, and releasing ocular tension.


em.bodi.ment Classes

“We move daily through a foundation of movements walking, flexion-extension and rotating are a few examples. We can deepen our em.bodi.ment of daily movements through a layering of complexities that challenges the mind and body.

I invite you to explore this movement from the em.bodi.ment class offered as a virtual experience through 5 Koshas.”

Tribal Belly Dance

Tribal Belly Dance introduces the beauty of isolation and flow of this natural organic movement. Students will experience a variety of isolations and deeply embody their individual exploration of movement through the series co-taught with Anna Nummelin.


Pamela Luedtke PMA-CPT completed her Comprehensive Pilates Certification through Studio B Pilates/Balanced Body in 2014 and Balanced Body Master Instructor Training, Sacramento, CA, in 2020. As a Pilates Instructor at Studio B, she has worked with individuals of various backgrounds and abilities in both large group classes and with clients in one-on-one consultations. Pamela was certified as a Brain Gym® Instructor in 2005 and continues to integrate the theory into her teaching which inspired her to develop a movement exploration titled em.bodi.ment. em.bodi.ment links movement development and reflexive repatterning that creates a physical exploration of layered activities that can enhance and support your physical practice of authentic and integrated movement.

Pamela completed the 500-hour certification of Brain Gym ® through the Educational-Kinesiology Foundation teacher program in 2005. As a certified instructor (2005-2010), Pamela facilitated trainings through-out Central Wisconsin instructing; Introduction to Brain Gym ® and Brain Gym ® 101 course work for elementary and high school educators. She has also consulted schools to bring more movement into the learning process by accessing Brain Gym® activities in the classrooms. As a Practitioner, she continues to advocate the integration and implementation of movement into our daily lives to enhance comprehension, focus, organization, and emotional health. For additional information about Brain Gym ® visit www.braingym.org to learn more.

Pamela is an active artist in the Central Wisconsin community for more than 20 yeasr. She is the founder and artistic director of Point Dance Ensemble, a co-founder of The Artist In Residence Project (AIR Project) and a founding member of Shuvani Tribal Belly Dance. Pamela was a soloist with the Mary Anthony Dance Theatre in New York, NY for eight years, during which time she also worked with such dance luminaries as Anna Sokolow, Bertram Ross and Agnes de Mille. She is currently a Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where she teaches Ballet and Modern Dance technique, as well as a Pilates Mat class.

Relevant Work History

Movement Instructor at the Tomorrow River Charter School, Amherst WI 2015-Currently

Brain Gym Certification through the Education Kinesiology Foundation Venture, California 2005

Balance Body Institute, Sacramento California 2014

Professional Dance experience in NYC, NY 1989-1997

Soloist with the Mary Anthony Dance Theatre and Movement Instructor for Actors at the Herghof Studio, NYC


Group class series in Belly dance co-taught with Anna Nummelin, special events include Group Belly Dance celebrations for women.  

Virtual em.bodi.ment series – see Events section