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For $14.99/month, you have access to over 100 practices.  A portion of practices are refreshed monthly.

  • Shorter Accessible & Effective Yoga Practices
  • Gentle Yoga for Beginners & Beyond Practices
  • Yoga for Strength & Balance – Beginners & Gentle Practices
  • Strong, Advanced Postures & Flows
  • Meditation, Restorative, Relaxation, iRest Yoga Nidra Practices
  • Yoga Therapeutics Practices for Back, Hips, Knees, Feet, Neck, Jaws & Shoulders
  • Yoga Therapeutics Practices for Management of Stress, Anxiety, Energy, Sleep, Pain, Gut Health
  • No Mat Yoga Practices: Chair, Desk & Standing
  • Yoga for Heart & Mind Integrated Practices

These practices are real.  They represent authentic teaching by our studio teachers.  You feel like you are in the classroom and have an authentic connection to a teacher.  The teachers are focused on teaching, not on choregraphed performances.  They guide and facilitate and encourage you.  Adaptations for common issues are suggested since this is real teaching!

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