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Do you feel as if the pace of life is set to fast forward? Do you feel stress in your body (perhaps in your jaw, neck, back, and or hips)?
This 6-Week Video-On-Demand Class Series offers stress reduction techniques through the use of restorative poses, breathing exercises, and guided relaxation. We will press the pause button, and explore different restorative yoga poses to provide nurturing self care.
What can you expect in class?
  • Begin class with a self check-in to re-center and connect with your body, breath, and mind.
  • Experience breath-centered movements to unwind tension throughout the body.
  • Learn how to incorporate the use of props with targeted yoga poses to relieve tension in body and mind.
  • Learn breathing techniques for stress reduction that you can use at home or work.
  • End class with a guided relaxation and longer savasana to fully and deeply relax.
Who should take this class? Anyone with tension in the upper body and who would like to learn yoga techniques for stress management!
Each week you’ll receive access to a new weekly video practice with access until October 27th! 

Annie Lockwood

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