Why Yoga?

I recently presented to a small group of individuals who were curious about yoga.  Many in the group had heard about yoga, had watched yoga DVD’s, or had friends or relatives interested in yoga.

I asked them to share their thoughts: why were they interested? And what were the barriers to practicing yoga?

“I can’t touch my toes.”

“It’s difficult to watch the video and do the practice at the same time.”

“I’m too busy and don’t have a lot of energy.”

“My neck and shoulders are so tense, I just live with pain.”

These are legitimate and ongoing experiences for many individuals.

So, Why Yoga?

The most recent research sharing the positive effects of a consistent Viniyoga practice can be reviewed at http://www.viniyoga.com/resources/press-articles-media.  This research shares that Viniyoga decreases physical tension and increases mobility and balance.  Viniyoga also teaches that the breath is our most powerful tool.

With the addition of a breath practice not only will the physical benefits of the asanas deepen, the nervous system is given an opportunity to recalibrate itself while the mind decreases its chatter and opens up to new perspectives.  The interconnectedness of body, mind, breath and spirit is undeniable and affects all layers of our health and wellness, energy levels and perspectives.

I call it the ‘Package Deal.’  Yoga is a faithful friend, who leaves the door unlocked when you are ready to visit.  It meets you where you are at, with no judgment.  It presents an easy to read road map to guide you along all avenues of your journey.

Some students wanted to share their experiences:

“Yoga is my time to focus solely on me.  I check in with my mind, what I am thinking about, what is consuming my mental energy, and quiet the voices in my head as I breathe full and fresh air into my thoughts. Physically, I awaken every part of me – bones and muscles and check in with how I’m feeling.  Practicing yoga centers me and facilitates holistic balance.”  ~Kaye


“Yoga has not only helped me manage my low back pain, it has put me on the path to living more mindfully; noticing how my body manifests my emotional state. It provides me tools to manage the energy I have during the day and how I use that energy in my daily life. I feel better about myself, and that improved self concept affects others positively at work and at home.” ~ Jay



“There are some things I can directly attribute to practicing yoga. I have not had an appointment with my chiropractor in almost two years. I have learned to control my stress better. I am learning how to recognize areas of my body that are in need of attention and the asana(s) that will align & stretch the muscles and joints. My flexibility has improved, as has my range of motion.  I have a higher sense of calm in my mind and body. I sleep more soundly and comfortably.”  ~ Greg


As you meet yourself where you are at with your busy schedule, family, work and hobbies, you are welcome to capture the many benefits of yoga and the 2013 class schedule offers you many opportunities.

Level 1, Level 2 or combined 1 & 2 class will deepen your awareness of your body, breath and mind as we refine the synergy of the asanas and breath to create more strength, balance and clarity. Feel restored and transformed on and off the mat.

Gentle class will nourish your body and mind by creating physical symmetry and mental stillness for overall balance.

Movement, Breath & Meditation will help you explore how your asanas and breathing can prepare you for deeper Pranayama and Meditation.  Feel the power and grace of a moving meditation and relish in the stillness of a seated meditation.

Define your intention and your yoga practice will give you the opportunity to experience all aspects of your life with clarity and purpose.  I look forward to practicing with you!

With gratitude,


Heather Van Dalfsen, M.Ed, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT is a Certified Viniyoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist with a Masters in Education. Heather offers group classes, family classes, corporate yoga, Yoga Atop Rib Mountain, individual instruction and individualized Yoga Therapy. With a touch of humor and creativity, Heather invites you to reconnect to what is important to you for continued health within your body, breath, mind, character and heart at 5 Koshas Yoga & Wellness in Wausau, WI.