Yoga Contentment in Nature

Can We Be Content?

By Jessica Jordan Yoga Sutra 2.42   santosha anuttamah sukha labha Santosha: Contentment Anuttamah: extreme, ultimate, unparalleled Sukha: pleasure, happiness Labha: arises, gained, benefit   Yoga sutra 2.42 focuses on contentment, achieving unparalleled happiness by engaging the contentment already within us. But how do we put this into practice? We are constantly exposed to a barrage […]

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“I rarely laughed at my husband’s jokes.” Recently I spoke at the Alzheimer’s Association Conference to support caregivers. After a short yoga practice of breath guided movements, the caregivers participated in a meditation that invited them to pause in gratitude for themselves, the choice they made to attend the conference and for the sacred work […]

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